Day 15 – Step Away From The Thoughts!

For more info about this series please go to This post takes 2-3 minutes to read and the meditation is 15 minutes long.

The next 7 posts are about the mind and the title is obviously, I hope, my attempt at humour…

Anyway, over the next week I will introduce the theme of exploring what’s beneath the surface of troubling thoughts and of bringing a sense of peacefulness to the mind. Today’s post is about engaging the witness part of our consciousness. Before that however I’d like to say a little about inner work and the processing of issues regarding mind, body and emotions. Our being, here on Earth, is made up of several bodies, the physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual, whilst these all overlap and are interconnected – what we do to one will affect the others. There is still a certain degree of separation between the bodies (at least here in 3/4D – we need to be completely clear in all our bodies before all aspects merge and intertwine as one whole).

Dealing with the physical body requires light cleansing food and detoxification processes. With the emotional body we grow through mostly somatic processing of issues, that is through the feelings, feelings being either emotions, states, sensations, pain in the body or through body memories held in our cells. In the etheric we have the energy systems that will need clearing and balancing, in the spiritual we have vast stores of past life information, higher aspects of DNA holding genetic and past gene expressions, our connection/attachments to the collective unconscious, access to the Akashic and occasionally soul trauma and more… Regarding the mental body this is where we release the beliefs and programmes that shape our lives and bring the mind under our control – the mind was never meant to rule in the way it does now. It was always meant to be a simple tool we use in order to do whatever needs to be done in our everyday lives.

This is an extremely brief overview of a vast subject and in the spirit of this series being light and peaceful is all I will say here. I’m currently writing a book that will delve much more deeply into the process of all that needs to cleared and how to do this in order to embody the Ascension process the planet is going though. On an individual level this is about clearing each layer of our being until we know who we are and where we are going as one unified consciousness.

As far as the mental body is concerned a place to be that cuts through a lot of unnecessary drama and angst is to reside in the part of self that is the witness. The witness is the aspect of self, or consciousness, that resides beyond the “lower” mind, it is the first level of the ability to reconnect fully with higher self. From the first level of the witness we can go from here to an even higher aspect of Mind and from here begin to drop down into the consciousness of the sacred space of the heart – this is an exercise all on its own and one I will explore more in the future. Stepping back from the chatter of the mind and the drama of the external world can be infinitely peaceful. When we engage with this practice not just through the thinking mind but combined with a somatic sense of really stepping back into the wider consciousness of who we are it is possible to really feel the detachment from the outer self. This is not detachment in an ordinary psychological sense of unhealthy detachment from people or the world, rather it’s about detaching from, as I mentioned, the drama, of our repeating thought patterns and from the chaos of the world. We are then able to more intimately engage with the inner, or higher aspects of self.

One very simple way to do this is to practice the following, once practiced a few times it will be fairly easy to do in the moment when you find yourself caught up in stressful thoughts and events. Fix your attention on a point in front of you, the usual way you would look at something. Now feel as if you’re drawing your gaze back behind the eyes, This is different from the act of letting your eyes rest in peripheral vision, doing this is of course relaxing but there is an element of mild trance that is induced when we do this. When we draw our gaze back behind the eyes we are still alert and in touch with all that is going on, just not over engaged with it nor are we trancing out or escaping. Drawing the focus back we are drawing the attention into the pineal gland and in doing so becoming aware of the self in a more expansive way.

Experiment with this and see how you find it – I would be very interested in your experiences.

Below is a guided meditation through expanding the sense of self in order to be the witness of the human self .


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