Day 14 – Consistent Practice

For more info about this series please go to This post takes 1-2 minutes to read and the exercise is of your choice.

If you meditate regularly or simply perform some form of relaxing exercise or ritual on a daily basis you will be aware of the positive impact this has within yourself and in your life. This daily practice does not have to be long, nor does it need specialist equipment but most of all perhaps it does not need to be dependant on something else happening first. Such as “when this project is finished I will…”, or when I feel a bit more settled I will start…”.

So this last post of the section on heart, body and emotions is just an encouragement to find a little time, or more time, to relax and check in with what’s going on inside. This can make the difference between health and ill-health, knowing you’re the master of your mind versus a breakdown or mental health issues, productivity versus chaos, calm versus catastrophe thinking.

Resolve to start now. Even if it is a minute here and there to regroup your thoughts. Or the classic mindful practice of a 2 second pause between activities, this is as simple as; “I am leaving this screen, now I go to prepare dinner”. Or a few minutes before bed, sit in silence, take long breaths, contemplate then let go of the day.

Listen to soothing meditations with positive language or positive affirmations as you go to sleep. Use travelling time to listen to anything you find uplifting or relaxing.

Use walking as a meditation or make an evening bath a sacred event with uplifting music.

Or begin that meditation practice, set a timer for five minutes only and then, if you have the time, see if you can extend the length of the meditation. Even doing this twice a week will make a difference. It can be a meditation or an emotional release exercise – whatever you feel drawn to or is needed.

So todays suggestion is to do something that makes you feel relaxed or nurtured. If you wish to listen to one of the meditations from this series so far I have included them below.


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