Day 2 – Peaceful Guided Meditation

For more info about the 28 Days of Peace and Well-being go here – This post takes less than a minute to read and the downloadable meditation is 20 minutes long.

The above picture is a bit tongue in cheek – I’m sure many of us would wish to be abroad, in warm sunshine, lying in a hammock, listening to gently lapping waves… Ah well. In the absence of that maybe we can go somewhere in our imagination.

Today, if you wish, just listen to the following guided meditation. As this weeks theme is mindful awareness the meditation begins with an awareness of and relaxing into, with acceptance, our mind, body and emotions. Then we go somewhere very peaceful, a place that is special to you, either real or imagined and focus on becoming as relaxed as possible.

Many studies have shown that taking even just 15 minutes 2-3 times a week to consciously relax makes a notable difference to our stress levels, health and general well-being. For a fairly passive activity that’s remarkable!

If you are very short of time, or have forgotten to make some time for yourself during the day you could always listen to the following meditation as you fall asleep. I have made the coming back to wakefulness bit at the end as gentle as possible so it won’t disturb sleep.

To download please click on the three vertical dots.


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