From Stress To Inner Peace

Starting on Wednesday the 10th of February I am posting for 28 days a series that addresses stress, worry, an underlying anxiety about where we are on this rapidly changing planet. From distress to a sense of deep inner peace will be the theme. Have you found like many of us a tendency to compulsively and constantly check on everything that’s going on in the wider world – whatever it is that you are particularly caught up in, drawn towards, perhaps frightened about? Or perhaps there’s a concern about a nagging inability to address what you’d dearly like to change within yourself – those intentions you began or desires you had for yourself as the new year began?

I’ve certainly experienced my share of both over the past year. The need to know all I can about certain aspects of what is unfolding in the world and when I indulge in this behaviour I find it tends to make me feel listless, unmotivated or angry so would prefer not to!

I’m no stranger to procrastination either, last week I finally embarked upon something I’ve been trying to psyche myself up to do for a couple of years, I’ve had two half hearted attempts, one last year that lasted two months and one the year before that lasted ten days. I’m talking about a period of dietary change and deep detoxification through every system of my body that will take, probably, several months to not just fully complete but to undertake safely. I will write about this at a later date for all who are interested in making radical changes to their health.

Because of this I know, like most people, the difficulties of sticking to a goal so this 28 day series is going to start very gently by encouraging you to let go (gasp, yes I know) of your current goals. We begin by sinking into the present moment in order to relax into a heart based view of self and the world; by relaxing more deeply into this we gain a clearer vision of what is truly desired or needed. Only then can we set intentions that resonate deeply and can be genuinely achieved. Each day will be a simple post, taking 1 – 4 minutes to read and the exercise or meditation for the day is anything from 5 – 30 minutes – some of the meditations can be played as you go to sleep even. Each week will have it’s own theme and will build upon the week before, it’s fine to miss a few days and the whole series aims to be as peaceful and easy as possible.

Towards the end we work towards setting intentions/goals towards that which will bring you greater wellbeing or fulfillment. This is done as organically, as centred in the heart as possible – when we truly know why we want or need something we will make it happen. When we understand the truth of what that will bring us our whole being gets on board with making the changes that are necessary.

It may seem that I’m talking about goals and action oriented stuff a little too much in something that is to be geared towards peace. Or that there may be steps involved – there’s not. The onus in this series will be very much about fostering a deep sense of inner peace and your goal may simply be profound inner peace. There’s nothing simple about this though, it’s probably one of the highest goals we can aspire to. I am including goals as part of this series as I know how deeply unpeaceful a constant sense of thwarted desire can be, of not progressing with something you feel called to do or that you know will greatly benefit not just yours but other people’s lives as well.

In my case that need is to be more active in terms of what I put out into the world, I’ve not had to do that for the past three years as I took a long break from working in the personal growth industry. I know I now need to step up more and will say a bit more about that personal journey in another post

As the backbone of all that I do is spiritual, rooted in the evolutionary changes continuously unfolding on the Earth now I feel peace is what we are called upon to foster within ourselves. Everything that may seem frightening or chaotic in the world at this time, all the stuff we find ourselves getting caught up in is merely the darkness and lower consciousness that has been hidden or stuck in duality for eons of time. Until a few years ago humanity as a whole was hanging on by a thread to the divinity of our true nature. That has completely changed, there is more good in the world than we get to see. It’s all around us in simple acts of kindness and compassion, small micro movements across the globe towards a sustainable future that works organically with the body of this beautiful planet. What we do get to see through the mainstream – and alternative – sources can be very frightening or simply disheartening leading to a sense of hopelessness. One simple way to view all we hear and read is that if it engenders fear it is not Truth. If it uplifts it is Truth.

If fear is experienced about something that isn’t an immediate and obvious threat to your being then it is because there is unhealed fear within. Fear is not actually an emotion in the truest sense, it is a state that is both a thought form and an energy that is felt in the body. In the body it is a warning signal or a response to a thought. It is also an energetic wave that can be manufactured in the same way that sound technology to induce relaxation is created. (Such as binaural beats or The Triad Wave) I have felt this myself in the past year watching a Covid announcement on TV. I have no personal fear of Covid and was watching the announcement with zero fear thoughts but could feel waves of fear energy rippling through my body. They stopped when I switched off the TV. I tell you this not as a conspiracy theory (!) but to point out that we do actually have power over our body, our emotions, our thoughts and the way we experience our internal life. We can continue to unconsciously let the chaos that is out there in or we can choose our own experience of life as is our sovereign right.

I hope very much that you will join me in this month long series of posts by subscribing to this blog or liking my fb page ” Being Light”, or on instagram or twitter where I will link each days post. Also please do share how you get on with the exercises in the comments, I would love to know your own experiences and any difficulties you experience.

3 responses to “From Stress To Inner Peace”

  1. Catherine this is FANTASTIC !!!!!!!! so needed.
    THANK YOU . Love it!
    X Sharon Rossi


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