What Goes Out Comes Back

This post is about the frequency or vibration we emanate in any given moment, I said in an earlier post that I would go much further into the concept of how we create what we create in life and this is a continuation of that.

Frequency/vibration is made up of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and any old stuff that remains stuck in our being that may be affecting how we are, how we live our life and how we react when triggered. Our reaction to anything or anyone is coming from within – do I feel unconditional love and acceptance no matter what, or something else! All our reactions are conditioned from our life so far, from past lives, genetic lines, culture and collective consciousness. Also influencing us are immediate environment, astrology, numerology and the Light energy we may be more sensitive to that pours into the planet in ever increasing amounts. On a more earthy note there is what we put in – or clean out – our body, good nutrition or toxicity from our environment, food, water, medication etc., this affects us mentally, emotionally and spiritually not just physically.

“What we send out returns to us as amplified interpretation or intent. What this means is that the energy sent out returns as “something” Sandra Walter.

I’ve included the above quote simply because I can’t improve on how Sandra has put it! Let’s break it down. Whatever our internal experience is in any moment is what we are sending out. If we take a simple example of feeling extremely angry and/or judgemental towards someone this energy goes out to the other person and enters their field, it will affect the recipient but the energy of it also bounces straight back to the sender in an amplified state. Some of the energy also remains with the recipient where it will either dissipate and disappear or if it triggers off a similar energy within will often stick around until cleared, or not, as most people are unaware that this happens. (Daily clearing highly recommended, especially if you are a sensitive!) The old view in spiritual circles, I think, is that the energy that is returned simply goes straight back into our field and affects us emotionally or mentally. This is too simplistic and negates the creation aspect of our energetic output, everything is energy and that includes everything in our life and all life. So the “something” in the above quote is that this energy flung out in anger returns to our life as something and that could be perhaps an accident, poor health, conflict with others, circumstances not going how you wish them to go, bad “luck”, poor decision making etc. This goes on in an infinite loop until we, consciously or unconsciously, stop it.

Sending energy to others is of course a tiny aspect of this process, I used the above scenario to paint a clearer picture, the bigger aspect is what are vibrating by default. What frequency do we send out on a daily basis that returns to us as a “something”. If we daily engage with fear what does that return as? Not good health and strong immunity I would imagine! As for the infinite loop part this continues as we react to each set of new circumstances with dismay or fear.

All energy we send out affects the physical, the emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual aspects of our-self, other and the collective consciousness of humanity.

I tend to think of negative energy these days as distorted or misqualified energy. This means that if I indulge negative thoughts or feelings as opposed to actively acknowledging and releasing them (not suppression or denial) I have strayed from truth. Truth being that which has come from Love or Light, pure Source Consciousness or simply absolute neutrality. Thinking of energy in these terms makes it easier to discipline the errant thoughts or surfacing feelings.

With positive energy, of course what we emanate returns as “something” too and goes out into the collective. When we find ourself increasingly being more positive, doing the inner work of clearing and instilling peace through meditation then we find life circumstances, or our experience of life, improving. You may find that people are kinder, your garden more beautiful, “lucky” things just seem to happen, recovery from health ailments is faster and so on. It doesn’t have to be “big” things it’s all the little things that make life worth living, that when added up lead to a more contented life.

We create our experience of life by default until we begin to consciously take control of our inner life. I am examining experience of life here, not going into making things happen deliberately such as wealth, success or romance aka Law of Attraction! Though these things are easier when we change the inner landscape. I also want to be very clear that this is about personal experience and reaction not about what may be happening or have happened to another in your life; all life contains big events, losses and difficulties for self and for those we share our life with. I’m not glossing over or belittling these, especially not this year which will contain many big events and shocks for the general populace. I believe 2020 was a preparation for massive change, the details of what that change will entail is largely unknown at this moment…

A New Blog Project

The more prepared we are to navigate change with faith that we are ok, are safe and can return to peacefulness is of paramount importance. I am currently preparing a series of blog posts called 28 Days Of Peace and Wellbeing, I will post once a day for the 28 days, each post building on the last. Covering deep relaxation, letting go of fear and taking care of the body. If you had a goal on the 1st of January but have slipped you may find this useful as a course back to yourself and what is important to you. I will post more details plus the start date in a few days.

2 responses to “What Goes Out Comes Back”

  1. The 28 days of peace and well being sound great, look forward to them 🙂


  2. Really looking forward to 28 Days Of Peace and Wellbeing! We could all use a little help at the moment, this sounds like a useful daily incentive to raise our gaze, our thoughts and our vibration. Thank you 🙌

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