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This last post before Christmas is about the breath. Such a simple thing, a process we take for granted until something goes wrong… With a little more attention on the breath the results can be profound, I mentioned breathing in the post on lung health and today am going to focus on breath itself.

When we breathe consciously and deliberately we affect not only our health but also our mind, emotions and spirit. Physically, if you are struggling to breathe fully the first thing to focus on is the out breath. Breath out slowly and fully with the mouth open then allow the inhalation to come in its own way without strain or force. This is helpful also if you are feeling panicky, anxious or nervous. Always breathe in through the nose with a closed mouth; our nose filters out so much airborne debris, it’s our first line of defence as particles adhere to the tiny nose hairs and are expelled through mucus production. If you want to take this further you could invest in a neti pot, this is an Indian or ayurvedic method for cleaning out the nasal passages. If interested, there are many youtube videos on how to do this and neti pots are quite cheap to buy.

When focussing upon the breath and slowing it down to 7 to 4 breaths a minute, equal in and out, you are performing conscious breathing. This begins to bring the body into a state of coherence, in coherence the brainwaves equalise and heart rate variability is engaged. This is enhanced with the form of breathwork and visualisation that The HeartMath institute has developed (on my free stuff page you will find an audio for this). Conscious breathing has deep benefits for physical health and general wellbeing, our immune system is enhanced, heart strength improved and so many other biological functions go into heal and repair mode. A very natural way to engage healthy breathing is to walk in nature as much as possible, you will automatically slow down as your body reacts to the more pure and natural surroundings.

Simply by observing the breath we give our-self space to just be; if the mind is in turmoil we can bring our attention to breathing, by doing this the thoughts become slower. Then through the continuous focus on the breath begin to step back and notice the pointless looping of the mind, the caught up in drama nature of thought – if wished, every thought, assumption and reaction can be questioned. The question can be as simple as, “does this thought feel peaceful or loving?” if the answer is no then the thought is literally false, it has no validity and is fear based. This time of year and this year in particular is an excellent opportunity to notice where we go when we create pain and suffering for ourselves.

As we closely observe thought we may notice the resulting reaction in our feeling state – the physical reactions, strange sensations and specific emotions that arise in response to certain thoughts. As we breathe deeply into and through this we can go deeper in and perhaps discover deeply held subconscious beliefs, subtle patterns and programmes that cause us pain, difficulty and a limited view on life and all that is possible.

Spiritually, as we clear out the detritus we have gathered on our human journeys we come to a realisation of our inherent power, the power we have over not just our own experience of the world but the greater consciousness itself, over the extremes of polarising viewpoints and entrenched negative beliefs and fears that are characterising the world at the moment. We have forgotten that we create this – yes there may be a highly contageous virus out there, yes there may be conspiracy with an intent to harm, yes the vaccine may be harmful but why not get really quiet, breathe deeply and ask what you truly desire to happen in the world?

What is the most loving, peaceful, healthy, truly advantageous for the people of Earth outcome? What would you desire for self regarding health and wellbeing and freedom? Really ask yourself this, feel it, visualise it, speak it out loud and then project that out into the world and humanity itself. The projected fear, greed, negativity and ego of humanity over eons of time has created the world we live in now- and all the types of people that live in it. Millions of people across this planet are pouring out light, love and a vision of New Earth that is breathtaking, so many beings in the inner planes are pouring in their light and love as we ask for it, why not ask for even more? Why not visualise and dream into being the highest possible outcome for Earth and Humanity that is possible now; for it is truly possible – and is happening no matter what. It’s simply a question of how long do we wish it to take, how long will it take us to fully wake up, how long do we need to go through chaos and the dismantling of the old and how long do we cling to patterns of being and living that serve no-one.

This was going to be a simple post about breathing but as I go through this intense energetic window of opportunity, the inpouring of Light, the major astrological alignments and the Revelation Wave that’s with us til next year I have had to let go of my predilection for getting caught up in polarisation, of anger at the world and by doing so separating myself on a daily basis from my own power. At some point a line in the sand had to be drawn about where I want my attention to be all the time.

I drew a divination card the other day, the message of which was “Leap of Faith”, without thinking about it much I just took the message at face value as in pertaining to physical doingness! Today the card popped into my head and I suddenly realised the message was an inner one, take an inner leap of faith, into deeper faith! It feels like a relief, a going back to where I was at the beginning of the year but also a lot further on in terms of inner growth.

So where to start in a practical sense, to give room for revelation to enter? Begin with the breath. Whatever is going on, at any moment of the day, focus on the breath, take a deep breath in and out and bring the attention back inside. If you are feeling peaceful or loving fully experience this and imagine you are breathing it out into humanity. If feeling less than peaceful go through the above steps on breathing through agitation. If you cannot sleep meditate on the breath instead. Then, as you go about your day pull your attention in and behind the eyes, away from the outside world of things and people and distractions, perhaps intend to just observe more and react less!

I wish all who are reading this as peaceful a Christmas as possible – may you happy and may you be radiantly well!

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  1. A beautiful and inspiring post!


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