Clearing and Protection

Everything is connected and humans could be likened to living, breathing transceivers – some more sensitive or potent than others! Of course when we are in a highly positive state emanating light and loving feelings then it’s unlikely we need protection and clearing; when we feel fear, anger or misery then we may need to take these extra measures. Likewise having an absolute unshakable belief that we have no need to protect ourselves is a protection in itself. In the meantime, if you are not in the habit of doing this kind of work but feel “off” after being in certain situations or environments then it may be worth doing a clearing!

I have recorded a 12 minute guided visualisation for clearing ourself of others energy and then setting up a protective field of gold energy. I also wanted to make this as colourful and vivid as possible in order to engage the creative areas of the brain to enhance general well-being. It uses the Violet Flame of Transmutation for the clearing, this is often referred to as the Violet Flame of St Germain, the Ascended Master. You can use this anytime you wish simply by calling it forth using words such as “I call forth the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation, Violet Flame blaze within, throughout and around me, transmuting and consuming all negative energy I have absorbed from outside of self”. Visualise this growing within your body, sweeping through your whole body and throughout your aura. You can also see it expanding through your home. Pure white light is another cleansing colour, as is clear sapphire blue – you can visualise these as flames or fire also. I then use the colour gold in the following meditation as gold is a protective colour, you can of course use any colour you feel is protective or simply call in protective help from guides, angels or other sources.

If you are not in the habit of clearing and protecting yourself it is a good one to get into if you are fairly sensitive to others energy. It’s worth knowing that a general clearing will sometimes not clear all that you have picked up. Occasionally thoughtforms or emotions from others, or objects and places, run a bit deeper. Usually this is because they require a little more specific work to shift but mostly it’s because something we may have picked up requires our conscious attention, this could be because it is pointing towards something in us that has been triggered or we need to see how susceptible we are to certain energies or people. Rooting this out would need deeper work such as noticing how you feel and going deeper into that feeling or asking yourself open questions.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the following.

Clearing and Protection – Working with the Violet Flame and the Colour Gold

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