Opening Up To The New Light Waves

In my last post I mentioned I’d say more about the energies pouring into Earth and humanity at this time. I said something about a Lions Gate, apologies for this, I have corrected it now, the Lions Gate Portal was in August this year; as mentioned also I never find December easy and as a result my brain is a bit foggy – more reason for doing the energy medicine! Each year from 12th December to 21st/22nd (Solstice) a portal opens that enables all who have said yes (consciously or unconsciously) to raising their consciousness to take that a step further. It will amplify whatever needs attention or healing and as that shift takes place fatigue, heightened emotion or some other physical symptoms personal to the individual will be the result.

This may be a difficult experience, especially in the light of this years events, but know that whatever is happening is uplevelling your personal evolution. As you surrender to any changes or healing taking place there will often be an increase of light or divine activity within your body and energy field, also as our DNA is in the process of evolving from two to twelve stand and from carbon to silicon based this may get an upgrade as well. This is a continuing process dependant upon what level of healing or growth is going on within you. It is also helped through practical methods that enhance the health of your body and energy systems. I have already shared the value of energy medicine as a way of ensuring healthy flow through the body so today’s post will look at a few more ways of taking care of yourself. At the end of the post I detail a little more about the energy waves.

Sleep – If exhaustion is what you are experiencing, to the point of wondering if something is wrong with you then rest assured that in most cases it really is just your body and mind telling you sleep and rest is needed to process this passage of time. Go to bed earlier or lie in if possible, or take naps during the day. If this is difficult to organise then at least be kind to yourself; don’t take on extra tasks, forgive yourself if you can’t get through all you want to get through in a day, or week. Tiredness is the most common side effect of this time and is the one I experience at this time of year. However as there is a double whammy of energy at the moment which is set to continue until well into January fatigue may well be with you until then. The other side effect may be too much wakefulness, being tired and wired or even feeling strangely hyper, then crashing. Whatever you experience be as kind to self as possible and if you do feel genuinely worried about health then of course make an appointment to see the doctor.

Emotions – As mentioned above emotional healing may be what is presented, this is a gift even though it may not feel like it at the time! The easiest way through this is to just go with it. It’s a lot easier now to deal with emotion – if you allow the full flow of feeling without talking about it and without being attached to the past or to story it will simply flow through you and away. It may of course be very painful and if worried about that or are feeling frightened by the strength of feeling coming up then seek help or support. If you go to my free stuff page there is a guided releasing emotion exercise that may help. I am also available for online sessions – I have almost thirty years experience as a therapist and seek for the easiest way to release what may be presenting..

Diet – The cleaner your diet the easier these energies will be to cope with, by ‘clean’ I mean less or no sugar (though if that throws up huge emotions then maybe tackle it after January…) less alcohol or at least make a commitment to drinking the same volume of water as alcohol – it will make a difference to how you feel. Drink more water generally, invest in a filter if you are drinking more water as an increase of all the rubbish that’s in tap water may not be healthy! More fruit and veg, adequate protein and as little processed food as possible.

Fasting – Unless you have health concerns that make fasting dangerous then this is worth considering. A fast is one of the fastest ways to reset your immune system and the health of the DNA. Our bodies are designed by nature to go through occasional periods of ‘starvation’. A fast could be water only for one to three days, or an easier fast of fruit such as grapes or apples or perhaps bone broths or light nourishing soups. The most rapid way to kick start your health is a water only fast, however if you are new to fasting there are several considerations to take into account. Begin with one day only and build up to it by cutting down beforehand on tea and coffee, alcohol and sugar. If you go cold turkey you are likely to end with a severe headache and perhaps even nausea. Another option is to embark upon the ‘fast diet’ made popular by Michael Mosley – this system of eating has done wonders for thousands of peoples health, the reason is as mentioned above, the human body was not designed to be over satiated all the time. Our internal organs and metabolism struggle to cope and rest from the process of digestion is needed. If you have never fasted before, or not for a long time then please do some research first as to how to go about it, there is a wealth of information online and in books.

Sunshine and Vitamins – In order to obtain all the vitamin D that is needed for our immune system and good bone health direct sunlight is needed as well as the ingestion of vit D, unfortunately in the UK this is usually only possible from March to September. During these months it is important to be outside without sunscreen exposing as much skin as possible for short periods of time, this will set you up for winter when Vitamin D will need to be in the diet or in supplement form. 20 – 30 minutes of sunlight on skin that’s not been covered with sunscreen should be enough. High quality mineral and vitamin supplements are needed these days as our soils are severely depleted of nutrients plus our needs are higher for many reasons, mostly due to toxicity. (I take a multi vitamin oral spray and CellFood, a multi mineral and oxygen solution) As to single nutrients these are an individual need though most people could do with extra vitamin C and Zinc to boost immunity, many are also depleted in Magnesium – needed for about 250 processes in the body and vital for heart and nervous system health. To know exactly what to take I’d recommend either learning how to self muscle test or book a session with a Kinesiologist for a health check, or perhaps try a hair analysis, this tests for deficiencies and toxins, including heavy metals.

Heavy Metal Toxicity– We all will have a build of toxic metals in our systems and these actually make us more vulnerable to the effects of EMF radiation. One way to detoxify from this is to take a mixture of Cilantro (coriander capsules for us British!) and organic Chlorella.

Electro Magnetic Frequencies – EMF radiation, as has been written about by many is the big health experiment of the past century… Nothing about EMF is ok – this is the wifi, mobile phones, TV’s, screens, ‘dirty’ electricity (usually in our walls), smart meters (anything ‘smart’), and so much more most people don’t even think, or know, about. We literally live in a toxic soup of radiation. Like a frog in a pot of cold water slowly being brought to the boil we are in effect being, not only cooked, but gradually acclimatising to it until an end point is reached. How do we cope? First of all I believe this will crumble, if it doesn’t then, for other reasons too (transhumanism for example) the human race is over! In the meantime, on a more positive note let’s look at what we can do to protect ourselves. The first defence is within ourself, by this I mean that the more you realise self as pure consciousness and take the process of the embodiment of that seriously the more you step away from all inorganic man-made effects and frequencies. Until then there are devices you can use such as Scalar devices, Earthing mats, Shungite and Orgone pendants. These will protect up to to a certain degree plus of course doing a heavy metal cleanse.

Finally, some more words about this passage of time itself, the greater one lasting through to January. This passage of time is literally shaking humanity to the core, it has been called The Revelation Wave and apart from the effects mentioned at the beginning of this post the deeper effects are that it is illuminating what has been hidden. For the most part that applies to us as individuals, it is a beautiful era to be a part of as what was previously obscured is now easier to see, if we are used to meditating, contemplative inner work or digging deep into the unconscious then what can be revealed now is really quite breathtaking. Insights are easy to discover, conversations with our “divine entourage” are becoming clearer, aha moments about self, life or even others are more frequent. If this has not been your increasing experience this year then ask for help, the simplest way to do this is to surrender all you think you know and with gratitude ask for help from the higher realms. Where it affects the world is that more and more hidden knowledge and information is becoming widely known. If you are concerned about the dark agenda, their time is coming to an end, so many sources are now saying that even those working as or with the “dark” are tired or frightened and seeking clemency, redemption and forgiveness – we are living though quite a time!

Other increased effects of this passage of time is that the heart is being opened, sometimes that will be experienced as actual pain, tightness or palpitations, again as with extreme fatigue if you are worried then please get it checked out. Otherwise breathe deeply and calmly and practice HeartMath breathing as much as possible. Perhaps also try a magnesium supplement. Notice if you are going into fear – this helps absolutely nothing and will only increase any negative experiences or health issues you may be experiencing.

For some people there may be physical symptoms but emotionally and mentally an increasing sense of lightness and clarity is felt, enjoy this and use it to expand your consciousness and communicate in deeper ways with the higher realms. Or use it towards creativity, an enhanced level of creative endeavor is a sign that you are going with the flow so to speak.

In a couple of days I will upload another post, this time detailing how to clear and protect ones energy field. I am recording a meditation for this as well, this one designed to not only take you into a higher frequency but to switch on creative parts of the brain. In the meantime may you be well and at peace.

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  1. Fascinating. Daunting yet exciting times!


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