Healthy Lungs and Energy Medicine

I’ve not uploaded a post for a few weeks partly as I’ve been busy with other stuff but mostly as I’ve not felt inspired or particularly creative. This is a lesson for me in forward planning I think, in that I need to write a few posts at a time for those weeks when, for whatever reason, I can’t do one. Never been very good at forward planning!

Today however I was watching Day 4 of a Donna Eden series she’s doing at the moment on healthy lungs and breathing and am enjoying it so much I thought I’d share the following video and do a couple of posts about keeping healthy at this time of year, particularly in the light of not just this years obvious events but the influx of powerful light energies currently pouring into the planet. As to the Lung Health videos I chose the Day 3 one as it goes into the exercises in a little more detail, the other videos so far are shorter. In the Eden series on breathing they focus on the lung meridian and the thymus gland to enhance breathing, immunity and general health; you will find a very easy to follow group of exercises that can, with one exception, be done sitting down and even if you are not well at the moment.

The woman in the above video is Dondi Eden, one of Donna Eden’s daughters. I love Donna Eden’s work, her approach to an easy to use system of the self application of energy medicine, mainly based upon the meridian systems from Chinese Medicine has made a sizable difference to my life over the years. Two of the ways in which her style of energy medicine has helped has been in the rejuvenation of my body and spirit near the end of menopause (see her book Energy Medicine for Woman) and a simple in the moment practice to fix what she terms “system blow-out”. A basic way of describing this is that blowout occurs when something throws you off balance and disturbs the central energy systems of the body, there a couple of quick things you can do to get back to balance.

As an example, I used to feel a bit spacy or scattered and also nervous in respect to being in groups – there were several reasons for this, all adding up to just being “off” as I got ready to go out. About ten years ago I decided to begin using these techniques on my way to a particular group I loved and wanted to fully participate in. I would do just two techniques on my way there and after several weeks of this realised I didn’t need to anymore, it had gradually fixed the problem to the point that a sizable chunk of decades of internal conditioning simply melted away. I don’t know about you but that seems kind of magical to me!

What was I doing? I was using the “zip up” and “figure eight tracing”. When something knocks us off we tend to have a weakened central meridian, this could occur in the moment to a specific event and will naturally self correct itself (I would have naturally self corrected when I was back home and relaxed but of course wanted to relax before then), or it can become more permanently weakened over time in response to stress. Where the “blowout” bit comes in is to do with our natural energy flows. All energy in our body flows in spirals or figure eights when healthy; when disturbed it will flow in straighter lines and run too slow, too fast, or even become blocked. A way to test if this is happening within you is to take two sheets of paper and a marker pen, on one sheet draw two parallel lines, on the other sheet draw a large X. Using muscle testing or a pendulum – whatever you are most confident using – look first at the parallel lines, test yourself or dowse for strength, then test the X. If healthy, looking at the X should elicit a reaction of strength and the parallel lines a reaction of weakness. If you test strong for the parallel lines and weak when viewing the X then perform the exercises below. If you don’t use muscle testing or a pendulum and just feel “off” then try doing them anyway a couple of times a day for a few days and see how you feel.

The Zip Up – Pace your hand flat and palm upwards just above the pubic bone and draw it slowly up your body to the nose – repeat this three times to strengthen the central meridian. A disruption of this meridian could be experienced as introverted behaviour, feeling scattered, mentally foggy, depleted and tired. This meridian is connected to the parasympathetic nervous system and the brain – so any boosting of this vessel will boost your wellbeing. It is a yin meridian and will aid in feeling nourished, rested and contribute to a quiet sense of inner strength.

Figure Eights – If at home you can perform large spiralling figure eight and crossover movements with your arms all around your body. If in more public setting (as I was 90% of the time I did this) simply make small crosses and figure eights with fingers and hands – it still seemed to work! Do this with the intention that you are resetting the natural healthy rhythms of the body.

Having written this and through watching the Eden videos I’m certainly going to continue these practices throughout this month to keep myself healthy as I always struggle during December. The reason for that is a more esoteric one and one I will cover more in my next post, soon this time… For now I will just mention that at this time of year from the 12th of December to the Solstice there is an energetic portal that opens up each year giving all people who are awakening an increased opportunity to grow, added to this is the massive influx of energy and light pouring into the Earth until near the end of January next year. It will be affecting every awakening person on Earth just now so take care of yourself and I will say more very soon on how to deepen that care.

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