Guided Meditation on Re-creating Our Reality

This meditation compliments my last post about recreating our inner reality. Through a guided process of being the witness to yourself and journeying to the Higher Realms to call upon help you can release all aspects, across all levels of being about a problem you wish to let go of. From here you can ask for a “download” of new positive information and ways of being that will create a shift inside you. As you view the world through a different lens it becomes not only easier to make positive changes but positive changes begin to occur in the outer reality of your life.

Recreating Our Reality – Guided Meditation

3 responses to “Guided Meditation on Re-creating Our Reality”

  1. Hi, Catherine!

    Sorry I’ve not been in touch. Never ending here.

    Will do so when I’m free. Will read your blogs too.

    Hope you’re well…

    Much love,

    Ian Xx

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  2. it’s so relaxing to be led along this meditation by your almost hypnotic voice and the lovely nature sounds

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