Re-Creating Our Reality

This post is about the getting to the most basic state needed to change the reality we find ourself living in. I’m sure most people reading this have by now at least heard of The Secret or The Law of Attraction so this is not a rehash of these ideas. Most who are very familiar with these philosophies will have by now have come across more sophisticated ways of going about reality creation. My view on LOA and The Secret is that they have been an excellent introduction towards helping people to become more aware of the self responsibility over the life we find ourself living but that they are only an introduction to what is actually quite a vast subject.

Without going into all the ins and outs of this subject (I will save that for a chapter of my next book!) I wanted to just focus on one aspect, the aspect we virtually always have control over – our inner state. As most will know, trying to improve our lot in life, in all ways, comes first from the emotional state we find ourself in and our most deeply embedded beliefs.

I could write many posts about this subject but today will focus on it from the angle of quantum reality as I think it helps us understand exactly how fleeting our personal version of life is from a quantum perspective. Before I go further and outline how to use this knowledge please watch the ten minute video below of the lovely and down to Earth Joe Dispenza talking about quantum physics.

As Joe Dispenza points out we are flickering in and out of the quantum field several times a second. Several times a second we visit the quantum field, where anything is possible and where all information is stored and then we come back to this reality. Over and over again we are entering a realm of infinite possibility and knowledge. But as he points out where we are when we enter this field determines what we come back with.

The information we come back with when in a heightened, positive emotional state isn’t necessarily information presented in word form, the information can be a feeling or a realisation beyond words, a new way of being, an elevated form of consciousness that will lead to new understandings and ways of being. The higher our state the more life will flow, the more we let go of lower consciousness ways of being and open up to higher consciousness the less distortion in our energy field. What does this translate into? Zero conflict, zero aggravation and zero stress.

So, how do we get there? One way is to regularly practice HeartMath breathing, this literally harmonises our being into one that attracts less and less distortion. Practice meditation, but in an open way that, when needed, actively releases, not suppresses, negative emotion. When emotion does come up practice being a witness to it; see my last two posts for both an explanation of The Witness and a guided journey into it this state. In brief though the witness is when we are able to detach from what we are experiencing through an observation of it from a more expanded version of self as we experience what is going on. As I’ve noted before, you can’t talk or think yourself out of a feeling! You just have to go through it. Audios of HeartMath Breathing, Engaging The Witness and Releasing Emotions can be found on my “Free Stuff” page.

In the next post I will upload an audio that leads you again into the state of The Witness and from here engage with that higher state to make internal changes in a way that can in turn affect outer life change. In the meantime you could try experimenting with this yourself…

Experimenting with reality creation

Watch the Joe dispenza video above to ground yourself in the premise that as you are constantly flickering in and and out of the reality you think you know you can, through the following exercise permanently alter the reality of your inner state. Work with one specific feeling that is often in control, that at times feels like it defines you or your life, a feeling that actively prevents certain positive behaviours, action or even contributes to ill health. If it is deeply entrenched you may have to repeat this exercise a few times to eradicate all angles. The beauty of beginning this kind of work is that angles or aspects of the issue that may have been hidden will now surface to be released. Choose the feeling state/way of being you would prefer and set that as the intention for the outcome of the following exercise:

  • Bring the negative state/feeling to your attention and begin to breathe through it with complete acceptance for what’s there. As you do this ask yourself, “what would a person have to believe to be this way?” If wished also allow an image to come to mind, an impression that illustrates what you are experiencing. In this exercise try to engage all levels – feeling, thought and creative imagery.
  • When you have a sense of the belief underlying the issue and have breathed through a few layers of feeling begin to bring in the witness state (use Engaging The Witness meditation if wished).
  • Offer the belief, feeling, mental programming, any attachments, all possible energy entanglements and images to the higher aspect of self that is the witness. To do this you could say, with conviction, “I surrender all aspects of this to the Light or the Divinity I AM” and continue to breathe through all of this as a witness to what is being released.
  • When you have felt a shift take place within state how you desire to be instead, ask for help in the installation of this and engage in the process by imagining yourself being how you wish to be – make this as full, rich and multi-layered as possible. Also be open to the possibility of something quite new being revealed to you.
  • After a few minutes state “This is who I AM now”.
  • Begin to slowly bring yourself back knowing this is what you are bringing back into your present reality.

One last note I would like to make about utilising these kinds of exercises is that in the awesome nature of quantum reality is the fact that we are all connected; everything we do and feel and think affects everyone else in some way, it adds to the collective consciousness. The more you affect positive change within the more you affect it without – in other words you are contributing to the upliftment of humanity. When this is conscious and also shared with others the effect becomes exponential. To utilise this deliberately intend that whatever positive change you are bringing about within yourself touches the heart and mind of every person on earth who is open on some level of their being to upliftment.

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