The Witness

When we practice being the witness to ourself we create space for what’s within to come to the surface and be cleared. It is about learning to be detached from the drama of our reactions to life. We still feel the emotion that arises and allow the thoughts to flow, this is not about suppression or denial but more about creating the safety to be with pain or suffering.

It is a step back from the seduction of the mind and it’s predilection for getting caught up in drama – and there’s certainly plenty of drama to be caught up in at the moment! Being the witness to our thoughts and feelings encourages us to let go of this tendency to over dramatise our situations and also perhaps end the story loop we often find ourself repeating. We can then begin to see what our experience really is – just another facet of the human condition.

This is not to belittle individual pain, trauma and suffering – that is very real – but it is a way of approaching the pain that may be stuck and causing problems and being able to move through it from the relative safety of a more mature, a more conscious perspective. When we begin to step into being what the witness truly is we connect in a tangible and practical way to the higher aspect of self, we begin the embodiment process of being the higher self. This is what true freedom is – we cannot skip over this part of the embodiment process, neither can we ask that something else handle it for us (guides or angels for instance). Whatever issues are in us have to be consciously acknowledged and witnessed in truth at some point, they are a form of “weight”; we are in the process of shifting into light and the heavy energy that is born of fear and pain will stay stuck until handled. Most of what has happened to us in this life has been there for no other purpose than to trigger what needs to be healed, this is understood at a profound level when we engage with this process in a conscious way. As the truth of our vastness begins to be felt this can give us the courage we need to go into deeper and older levels of pain. From the “normal” vantage point of what we have been taught here on Earth – that we are these small selves, suffering and alone, with no hope – we take a quantum leap into an altered reality of knowing the truth.

As we move more and more into being the witness and begin to catch a glimpse of the reality of who this truly is we also begin to realise that all we experience on Earth in 3D awareness is finite. There is an end point, a ‘healed to completion’ point that occurs when we find ourself reaching that core point of a issue and watching it dissolve. When we repeat this enough an understanding arises that anything can be healed simply because all that we have experienced on Earth is just experience, a bit like being an actor in a long drawn out movie with many sequels! The role eventually ends and we move on to something else.

If you find you are still suffering from past events that have been worked through it’s usually because the core point has not been reached or the full understanding of why this has occurred has not yet been seen. Also it may be because the opportunity to go that deep has not been here until now. That has changed with the shifting of energy on Earth – nothing is hidden from us any more. The process might still seem slow at times, this is because if we were suddenly faced with the full truth of, well, everything, it would probably destroy us!

So how to begin this process, or deepen it if you have already begun? To begin being the witness to self the simple practice of mindfulness with the emphasis on simply observing all you notice will help. The trick here is to allow all that you are aware of to fully flow through you, to be with it but at the same time aware that this is not all you are. While you are feeling whatever you are feeling or noticing the mental drama, you can become aware of – or at least have the thought – that a vaster perspective of you is observing your earthly self, the human, having an experience. The recording I made (see “Free Stuff”) about processing emotions will help in getting used to feeling more emotion with an acceptance that it’s ok to do so – this recording in a small way begins the process of slight detachment at the same time as allowing yourself to fully feel what is there.

I will upload a meditation taking you deeper into the witness state in a few days time. In the meantime, one way to deepen the process is to deliberately begin standing back from polarity. The 3D reality is about polarity or opposites, that is its nature, the whole yin/yang concept, constantly flowing from one to another. What has been happening on the world stage in recent years though is a fixing of polarities to a degree never seen before; politics, religion, gender issues and more recently with covid. This is being deliberately orchestrated in many ways and the way to rise above it is to begin the process of being the witness to all that is going on as a drama being played out in the outer world. Add the power and the energy that comes with the embodiment process of the higher self to the shift taking place on the planet. Bring the higher consciousness, the light in; if you feel called to take action then it will be coming from a more light filled place, not from a position of polarising emotion and entrenched views.

How to rise above polarising viewpoints? Ask yourself what the other may be feeling? Why do they care so deeply? Is it from fear? Concern for others safety? If you find yourself getting heated about what is happening, try stopping for a second and saying, for instance, “ahh, look, I’m angry about what that person has said, why do I feel the need to be angry?”. “I wonder what they must be feeling to have said that?”. Think about how you would like to feel instead – peaceful, clear, loving or joyful? Now send the other person a blessing or wish that they too experience this feeling x100!

In fact the practice of blessing, of sending thoughts of loving kindness is one way of becoming the witness. It’s a very pleasant way of embodying this process as whatever you send to the other you receive in kind. Perhaps this will be the subject of the next post…

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