Quantum Healing

How can you heal yourself, boost your immune system and relax at the same time? In my last post I used the term quantum healing; in this post I thought I’d say a little about what that means and how you can use this to heal yourself. I have also recorded a fairly classic, relaxing meditation you can listen to that takes you through the basic healing process of using light to self heal.

The term quantum healing was, as far as I know, coined by the author Deepak Chopra over three decades ago in his book Quantum Healing (worth a read as it has now been revised and updated). The term has been borrowed from the world of quantum mechanics or quantum physics; this is the study of the scientific laws that determine the behaviour of the particles that make up the physical universe. Quantum means “how much” and in this branch of physics they are focussing attention on the smallest particles known to nature, it is the study of the mechanics of nature at the atomic level. As science and it’s equipment become more sophisticated the theories and then studies of QM arose through the increasing inability to explain how things worked through the avenue of classical physics. Obviously this is a vast subject but this post is about how we can use this concept for self healing so I will stick to the parts of QM that seem to have more in common with philosophy than science!

Through Quantum Mechanics it has been shown that all that exists exists simultaneously – everything is electromagnetic light and there is no past, present or future, it all exists now. Also, through Quantum physics many experiments have shown that the act of observation alters the reality of what is there. To take this further, if we accept that all that exists is electromagnetic light and from this we can infer that matter does not actually exist at all (side bar – the 3D “reality” is the most unreal of all the dimensions and because of this and almost in the polar opposite to that fact it seems to be the most mesmerisingly real! I will write more of the implications of that in regard to the time we are traversing now in future posts) then the assertion that consciousness controls everything and that nothing can happen in the physical world without first the input of consciousness then you may begin to understand how healing at the quantum level is possible.

Quantum Healing is a metaphor for the phenomenon that a shift in consciousness creates a shift on a biological level. For decades now this has been dismissed as pseudo science and although the terms and theories may be borrowed from the vast study and body of knowledge that is quantum physics and some of the explanations may cause physicists to cringe with horror the fact remains that the sentence which begins this paragraph is true! It’s extensively documented how and why emotional and mental stress can cause illness and biochemical change in the body and that reversing the stress reactions begins the recovery and healing process. Also, just what exactly is the placebo effect? So much of alternative medicine is dismissed as just the placebo effect without seeing the miracle of this in it’s own right.

So where do we start within ourself? I will stick to very simple physical healing in this post and go through a classic self healing relaxation. The reason I start with this is because it uses the basic premise of Quantum Mechanics which is that conscious observation alters reality, we add to this the use of visualising healing light, or colour, and positive intention. This is also part of quantum mechanics because if the act of observation is completely neutral then what’s there will remain as is, if however we qualify that observation with intention or emotion, positive or negative then this does affect the outcome. For example, if we have chronic pain in the body which we have a lot of negative thoughts, feelings and assumptions about then not only will there be little change for the better it usually becomes worse. If we change our thinking about the chronic pain to the positive then some form of change will take place – this has to be consistent, a very strong intention or a deep emotional occurrence or realisation.

For some this will be an easy concept to take on board or you may know a lot more about it than I do! For others this may require layers of dismantling of education and entrained thought. Also, in the case of illness there will be a multitude of reasons why it is there so a few simple healing visualisations may not get rid of the problem. I invite you to try the following a few times though and see how you feel, at the very least use the meditation to help you fall asleep at night, I use positive language and suggestions in a way that utilises your own subconscious mind to find solutions. Also it’s worth knowing that the body has an innate intelligence of it’s own that can be spoken to, conversed with and soothed.

Here are the basic written instructions, scroll down further for the meditation.

  • Sit or lie in a comfortable position, make sure you will be undisturbed for the next 20 or so minutes, dim the lighting or sit in candle light if it’s late evening. Perhaps play relaxing music if you are taking yourself through this without the guided meditation.
  • Begin with a few deep breaths, let the day go with a sigh. As you continue to breathe more deeply take your attention through the body starting from the feet, imagine you are breathing in and out of each body part, focus on relaxing each part.
  • When you come to areas that are uncomfortable or problematic breath more fully into them, let go of all thoughts other than a simple acceptance of what is here.
  • When you reach the top of the head take another couple of deep breaths through the whole body, thinking about relaxing as a whole as you allow your breathing to find it’s own rhythm.
  • At the top of your head imagine that light is flowing into your body, take a moment to imagine the most soothing healing light you can, does it have a colour? If so let the most healing colour that is right for you come to mind. This colour could change as it flows to different parts of the body. Or perhaps trust that as white light contains all colours whatever you need will go to where it is needed. If it remains white is it bright, shimmery, opalescent or a soothing, soft white?
  • See this light slowly flowing throughout your head, filling every cell, that every cell is flooded with this infinite supply of light. Take it through every part of your body, as you come to troublesome parts imagine that you are observing this part from within the very cells themselves, seeing the light running over, through and within each cell, consuming anything that looks “off” or that you feel shouldn’t be there.
  • Continue all the way to the feet.
  • Now observe the whole body filled with light and see this light as it continues to pour thought the top of your head flowing out, surrounding your body and your room. You are surrounded by healing light that now takes on the energy of protection. Does this now have a different colour or is it still white.
  • Continue to relax for a few more minutes before gently coming back or just allow yourself to drift off to sleep.

Healing the Body with Light Meditation

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