Spirituality, Gum Infections and Half Price Therapy

Since deciding on the 1st of January this year (2020) that I would go back into the alternative field of therapy and teaching (after almost three decades in this field I’d decided to have a couple of years break). I have gone through several internal changes about what exactly it is I wish to do. I think this has been a combination of the lockdown forcing many of us to re-evaluate our lives and what has been changing/shifting on the planet this year energetically and within humanity. I started the year with the plan of running stress management and mindfulness classes in the workplace and also running a by donation meditation group to satisfy my need for facilitating more creative guided meditations.

That particular plan bit the dust a few months ago. Since then, mostly because of the relative freedom of lockdown (for me due to being furloughed) I finished and self published a book and am starting a new one, started a blog, recorded audios of meditations, had weeks, months, of long walks, meditation and inner work plus of course the ever changing spiritual/energetic landscape. Because of this I’ve let go off everything I thought I wanted to do and let it sit in nothingness for a few weeks until something new came in. What that’s resulted in so far – this could change as we are being steered into present moment awareness so plans are hopeless! – is the realisation that I need to simply concentrate on my first and main love which is spirituality and the ascension process. The part of this process I tend to focus on the most is that of clearing all that obscures who we truly are, so that is what I will probably be focussing on in the outward sense as well. This will be through therapy sessions, a book on uncovering our light through clearing all that hides it, and workshops on a similar theme. I must stress however that I don’t talk about or even mention spirituality in therapy sessions as these are completely client led, it’s up to the client as to what is discussed or worked upon.

This post was going to be more info about stress and illness, which I will continue to write about when the inspiration strikes but it is still going to be about the story I mentioned in the last one, I’m just introducing it in a different way. What I would like to share is something that happened to me ten years ago that illustrates self healing from a purely quantum level, as opposed to the slow heal through time related last post. Both are equally important and valid and I believe fit into the view of the self healing/growth journey of everything that happens happens for a reason, it’s a co-creation between small self, The Self and whatever guidance we have steering our lives. Sometimes on that journey we experience miraculous transformation and healing and sometimes an issue will be present for years or decades simply because we need it to be there for all we can learn or experience from it. There is a third component to this which I will write about in another post, one that is very relevant to the times we are passing though now.

For now though back to the experience of quantum field healing (I had experienced rapid healing before this event but nothing like this!). As mentioned it was about ten years ago and occured after I’d had a tooth pulled out. A couple of days after the tooth extraction it was obvious the site was infected; I woke up to a worsening of the throbbing and the slightly feverish feeling that had started the day before, this increased by the hour until the site was obviously swollen and a weird numb sensation was spreading throughout the side of my face, over my head and down my neck. Being a Saturday the dentist was closed and if I wanted treatment I’d have to go to the dental hospital to get antibiotics, a bit of a trek away. I couldn’t really be bothered so instead I thought I’d first try the new therapy I’d trained in earlier that year, Theta Healing.

In Theta Healing you’re taught that bacteria equals guilt, a virus is low self worth and fungal infections equal resentment, of course there is more to it than this, Theta would then go into deeper personal reasons for an infection or disease. For me with the gum infection though I went straight for guilt and started muscle testing myself for what I felt guilty about – I tested yes for “I am guilty as a mother, then, daughter, then, sister, and so on through wife, lover, friend, therapist, teacher, woman, human being. And just sat there in stunned silence for ten minutes. Basically, I have no right to live I’m so guilty, I did laugh at that one thankfully. I then thought about good old existential guilt and so went on a Timeline Journey (NLP/Hypnotherapy technique) to discover the root cause of the guilt assuming I’d just end up in a past life. Well it seemed like I went flying over all past lives I’d ever had, way back through my journey as a soul and past other stuff I couldn’t make sense of until I got to a place that just felt like pure existence, immediately I felt overwhelming fear, absolute horror and shame then I just kind of popped through all of that to complete and utter bliss.

I think I may have sat in that state for about an hour or more, all I remember is that when I finally stood up and went through to the kitchen I noticed that it was late afternoon and I’d sat down to do this work three hours ago. I also in a vague sort of way realised that my daughter would be home in about an hour and I hadn’t been shopping yet so I walked up the road, still in a pleasant daze, smiling at everyone I passed (not really what you do in a city!). It was only when I’d done the food shopping and was half way home again that I remembered about my infected gum; there was a tiny dull throb right on the site of the missing tooth itself, when I was home and examining it in the mirror the swelling was minimal, the next day no swelling and no infection, two days later the site was completely healed over.

Later that evening when I thought about what I’d experienced I came to the conclusion that my tooth extraction infection had been used to get me to a place where I experienced the original point of separation from God. I wonder how much of the pain and suffering many suffer could be traced back to that point? I know I’ve never experienced loneliness or need in any significant way since that Saturday afternoon ten years ago. It didn’t eradicate all guilt, I’ve still had to deal with the odd surfacing of guilt and shame since then, but in a very ordinary, psychological sense from this lifetime.

As usual I’ve kept this post as minimal as possible (I wrote a lot more words but who has the time to read them all!) so if you would like me to elaborate on something please leave a comment. If you would like to explore your own issues with health and well-being I am available for online therapy sessions and as I’m still getting used to doing it this way I am offering sessions for just under half price for the next couple of weeks. I have thirty years experience in this field so please take advantage of this offer while it’s there! Go here to book and pay – https://catherinestrang.com/therapy-sessions/

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  1. Really enjoyed this post! Guilt and shame hold so many of us back. I look forward to you writing a book on this!


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