Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?

I have finally completed and published the paperback book!! And my brain is very very tired… Writing the thing was actually quite easy, pleasant even, all the post writing stuff you have to do, not so much. A lot of technical bit’s and pieces, not really difficult in it’s own right, simply tedious and eventually a bit of a physical strain. Which for me a few long walks in nature soon cures!

Anyway, it’s done and there is a feeling of immense satisfaction in having gotten a distillation of the work I’ve done in stress management with people over the years into paperback form. Now of course having self published it I have to promote it, don’t particularly enjoy the online aspect of that but I am really looking forward to interacting with people in person. When lockdown has ended I will be doing some talks about stress and anxiety, with guided meditations at book stores and various other places.

Please click on the red button link below to purchase the book:

The relative freedom of lockdown…

Though I am well aware that many people’s experience of lockdown has been dreadful I have to admit that I’ve really enjoyed the freedom of not having to go to work. I know I wouldn’t have gotten this far with a book, or a blog and with doing the surprisingly time consuming job of recording meditations and such like if I hadn’t had all this time. Though it will be interesting and not a little worrying observing how things pan out when lockdown eases, where will we be by the end of the year?

Why have I written this book?

The short answer to that is I like writing and have just never gotten around to doing much with it. With this book in particular I wanted something that backed up the work I do in facilitating stress relief and relaxation classes and one to one therapy. Also, because stress and all its attendant problems is an escalating issue that still needs more input and solutions; though there is no shortage of books available on stress each one has it’s own flavour and approach – what suits one person may not suit another.

Stress and the body

As to the content and who the book is aimed at; it is of course about stress but I wanted an emphasis on exactly how stress, and the condition of anxiety, directly impacts the body physically, all the various systems and organs that are damaged by prolonged strain of some kind. Almost everyone at some point experiences prolonged or extreme stress and the prevalence of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression is steadily increasing – the present situation will only have worsened this. So the book is aimed at anyone currently experiencing stress and who wants to take a pro-active approach to regaining equilibrium within themselves.

Some of the topics in the book:

  • Mindfulness for stress reduction
  • Emotional clearing methods
  • How to combat sleep issues
  • Evaluating nine key areas of your life
  • What exactly happens in the body when stressed and how we can use this knowledge to switch from “flight or fight” to “heal and repair” within minutes.
  • The role of our nervous system and how using this knowledge helps us to combat stress
  • The power of our mind and how to use that effectively
  • The importance of being very clear about what we want to achieve and how to implement that.

The book is quite a short one (about 125 pages) and written simply, but with enough information to suit most people and enable positive change. Over the past three decades I have read countless self help books – some of them genuine life changers – but what I cannot read these days is waffle, I often wish authors would just cut to the chase. So if more detailed information is desired I am open to questions, or to suggestions for more detailed blog posts on any given topic about personal growth.

To purchase the book please click on button below:

4 responses to “Why Does Stress Make Us Ill?”

  1. Catherine, I am so proud of you and so happy for you. What an accomplishment!!!

    I need a copy of your book, for the past 5 years my life has been stress based.

    I hope it’s a best seller, you deserve the success x


    1. Thankyou Lynda and I hope you experience some peace soon xx


  2. Can you email the cost and how to order to joanrobertson999@gmail.com


    1. Have emailed you, thanks Joan


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