Health, Censorship and Whack-a-Mole

It’s been a long while since I wrote a post, I had a blog several years ago but didn’t keep it up – perhaps I will be more disciplined this time. My intention for several weeks now was to write about general well-being, updates on what’s happening on the planet energetically and how that affects us on all levels. That will of course still be the theme during the corona virus situation; however with the first post I feel moved to address an issue that has been a concern for alternative health practitioners for well over a decade but is now becoming serious.

That issue is freedom of speech and the right to choose what we use regarding our health. This is being rapidly eroded in the light of a virus that – if you don’t follow the mainstream media’s hysterical level of fear mongering – all the scientific facts and data available so far point to it being, yes, a more contagious than usual virus but the same as seasonal flu in it’s level of fatality. There is of course much more could be said about that but it’s being said by people a lot more informed than I am.

What I will write about is the sheer level of censorship going on at the moment; such as videos being taken down that are perfectly sane and very reassuring by working doctors using actual CDC data, a lot of controversial conspiracy theory stuff and even videos promoting peaceful, global meditations just because the powers that be don’t like one of the presenters. However to refer to the somewhat odd title of this post I am actually quite happy to see that for every post being taken down another two or three pop up. When something gets censored millions of people then watch the video on another platform. In fact one online businessman got so angry about this erosion of free speech that he has built his own platform – crowdfunded and within a week had almost a million pounds. People are concerned and want access to the truth. And as Brian Rose, the businessman who set up his own platform, says often “I may not agree with everything (insert any name) says but I will defend to the hilt their right to say it”. I couldn’t agree more.

What was the tipping point for me in this? Well it was last week with the whole Trump and using disinfectant on corona debacle, reported, or misreported/taken out of context, by the news, official online warnings and plastered all over social media.

I watched Trump talking about this, and while I’m no fan of his, all it looked like to me was that here was a man bumbling his way through asking questions about something he’d never heard of and in his usual, somewhat narcissistic, way trying to excuse himself the next day by saying he was being sarcastic. I was intrigued by this enough to look up what he was talking about and what he was being advised about are two legitimate forms of health care that have been in use for at least a 100 years and are perfectly safe, I am of course talking about UV light therapy and MMS (Miracle Mineral Solutions) formula. Not bleach, Lysol, Detol or any of the quite ridiculous claims being made about these approaches.

I don’t know about UV light (I do however know that the action of UV light is described as being disinfecting) but I am extremely familiar with stuff like MMS, before antibiotics MMS was used to treat infectious diseases but being cheap to produce, and being natural cannot be patented, was discarded decades ago in favour of the stuff you can make billions of dollars from. I have used these kind of products, MMS only once I think as I prefer products such as OxyLift and OxyPower, since the 90’s. Since 1995 I have only been on one course of antibiotics, (treated all other infections naturally) that was last year when I got a small spike embedded in my toe when on holiday on a remote Scottish Island, I had nothing on me to treat it with and by the time I got home and saw a doctor several days later, it was infected, the spike was still in there and I just took the antibiotics as I was obviously tired of limping about with an infected foot! I took the antibiotics for only three days, long enough for the thing to work it’s way out and turned to healing the damage with essential oils. It healed very quickly, probably because I was back home and taking my OxyLift!

The point I’m making here is that I’m not dead yet! Brevity aside, MMS is a solution that not only is fit for human consumption but is formulated in a way that enhances cellular health, and to be perfectly clear, is taken in very small amounts.

What does this have to do with corona? Corona seems to be a disease that when serious, affects the health of the lungs and is characterized by a difficulty in the uptake of oxygen, this deficiency is on a cellular level so putting someone on a ventilator not only makes little difference but given the risks associated with these machines may contribute to their death. On the other hand if you improve the cellular uptake of oxygen in the blood the risk of death is greatly decreased. There is plenty of information about these products online – so far – but that is of course being censored. Every single time anyone will now look for MMS they will be frightened off by a warning about it, as if millions of people over the past few decades haven’t died from medical interventions and the side effects of pharmaceuticals…

I will finish with a quote that Luis Pasteur towards the end of his life is supposed to have said “the pathogen is nothing, the terrain is everything”. This is a truth that is widely spoken and written about in so many different ways but seems to have flown out the window in the light of this contagion. Of course we have to observe reasonable hygiene but health is so much more than that. The sheer abundance of information on how to keep ourselves healthy is staggering and well worth implementing. Over the next few weeks I will write about my favourites – without any lecturing!

Stay healthy and stay peaceful

2 responses to “Health, Censorship and Whack-a-Mole”

  1. Brilliant; reassuring and informative. I look forward to more updates about this. How refreshing to read a calm summary of the myriad views out there, and some common sense advice on boosting the immune system. Most folks know about Vit C and D, but I know you’ll have loads more to say on boosting the system with particular interest in respiratory health,not to mention emotional and spiritual health.
    Great to see you blogging again 🙂 X


  2. Great read Catherine .


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