One to One Sessions

Online from anywhere in the world and in person in Edinburgh

Perhaps you are struggling with anxiety, overwhelm or seemingly insurmountable emotional pain? Or maybe an innate lack of confidence leaves you feeling like a fraud or unworthy of what you have achieved? Does relationship conflict and anger about your past prevent you from moving forward?

In each session, to enable you to be free of pain and difficulty we move through layers of old stuck energy to release the core of what is holding you back.

From here we install new peaceful and productive states of being using hypno-therapeutic methods, Theta Healing and whatever else I am guided to use.

I have over thirty years experience in the field of healing and therapy based on a somatic approach (body and feeling centered) with heart centered, unconditional acceptance.

Therapy and inner growth no longer has to take years or even months now; through a combination of new methods and the fact that everything on this planet is faster we can move rapidly through old pathologies to a new way of being.

What do you wish to overcome?

  • Anxiety and/or fear?
  • Spiritual crisis?
  • Feeling stuck or blocked?
  • Low confidence/self worth/self esteem issues?
  • Stress and overwhelm?
  • Trauma or pain from childhood?
  • Conflict and lack of forgiveness/release

I am trained in a variety of different modalities and use whatever I am intuitively guided towards in each session.

Booking a session

On Zoom – To book a session or course of sessions, please pay via one of the links below and email to arrange a time.

In Person – I am available in Edinburgh at OMH , Ia Randolph Crescent. My hours of work are between 4pm – 9pm Wednesdays and Thursdays and the occasional weekend. Please contact OMH to book a session, by phone or online.

If you have a query first please feel free to contact me via the email below!

Single Therapy Session


Three Therapy Sessions

This offer gives you £10 off each session if paid for upfront.


Six Therapy Sessions

This offer gives you £15 off each session if paid for upfront.


If you are struggling financially and are in need of therapeutic help please contact me and I can give you the details of a wonderful alternative therapy and healing charity that I also work for.


I am particularly impressed by Catherine Strang’s non-judgemental, compassionate approach.

Her teachings are not teacher/student pedagogy. One feels immediately at home, unafraid to expose one’s own vulnerabilities, weaknesses and, particularly at this tumultuous, uncertain time, lack of direction, motivation and self-worth.

Is the effort and struggle really worth it? What is the point when one may have failed many times before?

The fact Catherine has not only suffered similar experiences, but also is prepared to share her own vulnerabilities with us, does demonstrate in no small measure that surrendering, giving up, mired in despair is not an option.

Failure, even multiple setbacks are an essential component of success. The adage “winners never quit, quitters never win”, is most apposite in this context.

Catherine’s mellifluous voice is balm to the soul. Her meditations are inspirational. Her writings are expressed in straightforward language. There’s no pretence to be superior, no claim to be the ultimate expert, to couch concepts and ideas in impenetrable gobbledegook.

Catherine is one of the few practitioners and authors, who’s been there, done that, got the t-shirt, but without the overtones of cynicism and exhaustion.

I cannot recommend Catherine Strang’s highly professional services more highly. She is a quietly accomplished lady with decades of relevant experience. Real experience, not the same experience over and over again. She is continually developing her programmes, employing her talents to the full. It’s always been a pleasure to meet such talent with humility and a fun sense of humour.

Ian Bailey-Scudamore

I came to Catherine feeling exhausted and vulnerable. Through her gentle therapy I was able to return to my quiet center and feel strong enough to go back to my precious therapy practice.

Ilse, Germany

Catherine is a walking therapy center! I discovered that I don’t have to be afraid of emotions any more, I have a tool I can use in EFT. Catherine will generously show you how to use these tools for yourself, no need to be endlessly reliant on a therapist anymore.

Margaret, Edinburgh

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