1:1 Sessions

Therapy and Coaching – via Zoom

You are enough as you are.

All that you think, feel and experience that seems to be telling you otherwise is merely layers of old pain that have become stuck.

The key to dissolving these layers of pain, those blocks that prevent you from achieving what you truly desire, is to be completely witnessed wherever you are right now.

What is it you desire? Inner peace? Confidence? Success? Loving relationships?

What do you wish to overcome?

  • Anxiety and/or fear?
  • Spiritual crisis?
  • Feeling stuck or blocked?
  • Low confidence/self worth/self esteem issues?
  • Stress and overwhelm?
  • Trauma or pain from childhood?

I have over thirty years experience in the therapeutic field and am trained in a variety of different modalities. I use whatever I am guided towards in each session, whether this is somatic release work, clearing limiting beliefs, healing, hypnotherapy and more.

Whatever takes place in a session, the emphasis is on unconditional acceptance of you, as we release what is preventing you from being all that you can be

Booking a session

To book a session or course of sessions, please pay via one of the links below and email to arrange a time. If you have a query first please feel free to contact me via the email below!


Single Therapy Session


Three Therapy Sessions

This offer gives you £10 off each session if paid for upfront.


Six Therapy Sessions

This offer gives you £15 off each session if paid for upfront.


If you are struggling financially and are in need of therapeutic help please contact me and I can give you the details of a wonderful alternative therapy and healing charity that I also work for.

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