Being Light…

The journey of going from density and limitation to Being Light, Free and Boundless.

I have thirty years work experience in the Mind, Body and Spirit sector and my interest has always been emotional growth and the clearing of what may be blocking you from being all you came here to be. My passion is spirituality and the embodiment process of Ascension.

At the moment I am writing a book as a guide through ascension, consisting of powerful practices that assist this transformation. If you are new to the subject of ascension and spiritual growth but suffering from stress or anxiety please check out my current book. All growth begins with the ability to relaxhttps://catherinestrang.com/why-does-stress-make-us-ill/

Please subscribe to the blog for informative articles, free guided meditations and emotional support https://catherinestrang.com/blog/. I don’t currently have a newsletter so all updates about events or new freebies will be through my blog.