FREE BOOK – Why Am I So Tired?

Fatigue is a global epidemic at this time, bringing with it fear about personal health and ability to cope with whatever life brings. This short book covers all the potential reasons on an individual level and explains why this is a world-wide phenomenon. Also containing a couple of exercises you can perform immediately that may bring relief and reassurance.

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This is a comprehensive course on all possible causes and solutions for why you may be suffering from fatigue. It covers the impact of stress and fear, diet, nutrition and sleep. Examines the potential exhaustion of an overactive mind, the effects of emotions and how the body’s energetic systems can get knotted up and how this leads to tiredness.

Using video, downloadable meditations and guided therapeutic journeys this is the equivalent of a long weekend workshop but one you get to keep and work through at your own pace. Take back a sense of control over your own health and well-being.