We live in an apparently confusing and frightening world at the moment; certainly not helped by increasing physical issues, mental imbalance and emotional pain.

How do we navigate this with not only good health but with a deep sense of inner peace and knowing that we will be OK?

The solution always begins within our self, the knowing that we are actually sovereign beings with the inner resources to be who we wish to be and live our lives the way we wish to live them.

My passion is helping you realize your inner strength and self mastery; to give you whatever tools you need at this stage of your journey to empower you towards resilience on all levels.

FREE Book -Why Am I So T

FREE Book – “Why Am I So Tired?

This is a short read that encapsulates the knowledge gained from thirty years in the Mind, Body, Spirit industry. Having gone through ongoing fatigue myself I know first hand how tiredness impacts our life on every level.

“Why Am I So Tired?” covers the potential reasons for tiredness on every level – physical, emotional, mental and energetic – knowing the cause is halfway to the healing of fatigue.The book also details why this is a world-wide phenomenon at this time, the “space weather” and other astronomical energies we are being deeply affected by. This is not just confined to unusual levels of fatigue and other physical symptoms but to an increase in emotional reactivity and mental health issues.

Included in the book is a simple meditation for increasing life-force energy.

Below is a short (2 minutes) video about fatigue in the world today.

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